Til Death Do Us Part Limited-Edition Valentine's Day Sugar Scrub

'Til Death Do Us Part... 

Our limited-edition Valentine's Day sugar scrub, 'Til Death Do Us Part' is a luxurious shower experience waiting to happen. We used our popular "Death & Decay" fragrance to make this exquisite floral-scented scrub with notes of aged rose, carnations, lilies, exotic orchids - and perhaps a little bit of the dust of the afterlife. Somewhere between funeral flowers and old Victorian perfume, it's a beautiful, lightly floral scent with a bit of other-worldly charm. It may or may not attract some spirits, we can't say for sure — individual results may vary.

Available in 10 oz. or 16 oz. sizes, while supplies last.

MADE WITH: Sucrose (sugar), sodium lauryl sulfate, cocoamide DEA, natural colors, fragrance, grapefruit seed extract, and LOVE.

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'Til Death Do Us Part Limited-Edition Sugar Scrub: the image depicts two containers of bright pink sugar scrub product against a red background. The container on the left is smaller, flatter, and made of plastic. The container on the right is a square glass jar with a round top. They are both lying on their sides with the top labels facing the camera. They are labeled as "Til Death Do Us Part Limited-Edition Sugar Scrub"

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