Olive & Chamomile Bubble Bath - Choice of 3 Scents

Treat yourself to a luxurious spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home with our olive and chamomile bubble bath! Our all-natural formula is designed to provide ultimate relaxation and nourishment for your skin. Soak in the soothing aroma and let the natural ingredients work their magic, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. Perfect for a relaxing bath time, our bubble bath will become your new favorite way to unwind after a long day. Order now and experience the ultimate out-of-this-world indulgence in self-care.

  • Contains no sodium lauryl sulfates, DEA, parabens or harsh detergents.
  • 8 oz. recyclable aluminum bottle.
  • Your skin will feel soft when conditioned with olive esters, vegetable glycerin, and chamomile.
  • Your choice of three scents — Coconut Lemongrass, Ray of Sunshine, or Salty Mermaid!

Please select your preferred scent from the drop-down menu when ordering.


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Image depicts three aluminum bottles arranged in a row in front of a multicolor blue and green background resembling bubbles. All three have labels. The leftmost bottle has a label featuring a green bubble-shaped image on a dark blue background which identifies it as "Coconut Lemongrass" bubble bath. The middle bottle has blue bubble graphics on a dark blue background which identifies it as "Salty Mermaid" bubble bath. The bottle on the right has a label with graphics in shades of orange on a dark blue background identifying it as "Ray of Sunshine" bubble bath.

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